Why HP Printer Printing Out Dull Printouts and How to Fix
Is your HP printer is generating dull printouts?

This is the most common printer issues people are facing with their HP printer every now and then.

Most of the time, the cause of this problem is low ink/toner. In this case, you need to buy a new ink/toner. But what if the ink of your Hp printer is all right but still you get dull papers as the outcome of HP printer.

Here you will help you to identify the other causes and how to best fix it without generating any error.

Toner Sticking To Your Fuser Roller

The fuser is the component of printer that works to heat the toner powder thereby aiding it to stick and seal the paper to generate the printout.

Sometimes toner might stick to a fuser’s upper roller and thus creating a ghosted image of your print out on the page.

In this case, you can remove your fuser unit and check whether the upper roller has, or hasn’t toner stuck to it. If it is there then try replacing it with a new one.

Transfer Roller Issue

The transfer roller of laser printer employs electrical charge to get the toner from your cartridge’s drum unit on the page.

Not often, but still it may be placed incorrectly in your printer and this in result produces light prints.

You need to remove it consciously using the hooks and then again insert it. If you are having difficulty to make it happen then you can take assistance from HP customer support number.

High Humidity Area of HP Printer Paper

If the printer is settled at high humidity area in your office then the chances are high that it generates dull prints. So the best recommendation is to move any spare paper into a dry non-humid area.

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